Deejay Irie

Aanvang: vrijdag 13 maart 2020
Toegang: gratis

Born and raised in São Paolo, Brazil. Irie currently lives in Groningen, The Netherlands.
DJ Irie is one of The Netherlands’ most forth going, top notch turntablists, renowned for
his skills. His style can best be described as ‘eclectic’, mashing and mixing hip hop, reggae, funk,
soul, rock, breaks and bass. Irie always evolves himself, since ‘style’ is never a definite
concept and needs revision on a daily basis.

Over het pakhuis

Sinds 1973 the place to be
Vroeger is Het Pakhuis begonnen als kunstenaarscafé en dat voel je nog steeds terug in de losse gezellige ambiance van vandaag de dag.

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